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Done-for-You Startup Structure

Melilla Concepts, LLC consult in the 25 Essential Element Structure of a Profitable Startup Business (0-3 Years old). We provide Done-for-You consulting services to entrepreneurs so they can be free to build, fund, grow, and scale their business to the next level. Startups, consultancy, coaching, Done-for-You, strategy, community. 

Strategic Structure: Business and Mindset Structure is the touchstone money marker for you and your business; therefore, you have to know how to strategically structure your mindset and your LLC for next level moves that will facilitate high net growth without self-sabotage.

Our experience has shown that some businesses never get off the ground because the Business Structure and the Mindset Structure was never put it place. Other businesses started with funding but could not grow because they lack structure. Still others were trying to grow and scale but were finding it difficult because of faulty structure. Therefore, our business relationship with you begins with a GEA Assessment.

GEA Assessment: First things first. We will conduct a 25 Point GEA Assessment (Golden Egg Achiever™) to determine what phase you and your business are in on the GEA Timeline Grid. Phase 1 is the Business and Mindset Structure or foundation stage; Phase 2 is the Funding stage; Phase 3 is the Growth stage; and Phase 4 is the Scale stage. We will only concentrate on Phase 1, the Business Structure, and Mindset Structure. If you are satisfied with our work, and you will, then we can discuss the other 3 Phases in the GEA Timeline Grid at that time. Until then, let us begin the Phase 1 process so your startup can take wings and fly like the eagle.


The mindset structure depends on the level of barrier you want to break in your startup. For example, most startups are interested in breaking monthly $10K Barriers because that is their startup threshold. Our Mindset Structure coaching include confidence building, money dimension, barrier breaker, truth factor, consistency, vision, overcoming sabotage, manifest code, and mental toughness.


The Trust Factor: Whenever you decide to become a Startup Entrepreneur, your clients, suppliers, employees, contractors, and bankers will trust you and take you at your word; therefore, you must be trustworthy and NEVER give your stakeholders reason to sabotage you because this will hurt you financially. This mindset structure trip most Startup Entrepreneurs, but you will get it right the first time.

The Consistency Factor: Your LLC Personality, yes businesses are people according to the US Supreme Court, must be congruent with your human personality. For example, you cannot structure your LLC as a million-dollar personality when you are still struggling with a thousand-dollar mindset. It will not work, and your stakeholders will see it and sabotage you. Inconsistency is not sustainable for long term growth, success, and profitability.


Premium Business Personality: Naming your LLC correctly and strategically (giving it a premium personality) is the first step that will open up a floodgate of opportunities and business profit. Your business personality must have two elements. It must look and feel attractive to potential stakeholders, and it must have a magnetic sound that resonates with clients and institutions. For example, my premium business personality, Melilla Concepts, LLC is a golden thread avatar. It connects with people. It always gets people talking about the name Melilla, so they will ask how you say the name Melilla and what does it mean. Then Concepts mean ideas, conception, thoughts, perception, impression, brand name, and creativity. Melilla Concepts is not only my business personality, but also my human personality. Can you see the connection? Excellent!

Business Operation Code: Your business must have a special operation code. The code must be in the most popular low-risk business category so you can get the highest funding and highest government contracts possible.

Corporate Entity Suite: This includes a prestigious corporate address, general counsel, registered agent, phone number, call center service, business authentication, federal EIN number, 1-page website, and federal, state, and local government compliance. This sounds easy, but you must remember the Consistency Factor, “Your business personality must be congruent with your human personality.”   

Banking Relationship: You must establish strategic banking relationships with at least three banks. This strategy will pay big dividends when you are ready to move forward to the next level on the GEA Timeline Grid. Therefore, you must have business checking account and a business savings account. Plus, you must have a merchant account for processing credit card transactions. There is a special way and order that this must be done to facilitate next level moves. If it was not done in the right order, we will have to redo it.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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