Melilla Concepts LLC runs on the CLA Framework of BIG Success. CLA, Conceive, Lead, Achieve, is the framework and process that we use to help propel your vision and business into stratospheric success. As a startup or growing speaker, coach, and author you are a multidimensional leader with big bold multimillion dollar ideas of how you want to chance the world and leave your image of spectacular awesomeness on Front Street, Main Street, and Lazare Street.

CONCEIVE. We help you craft your ethos of epic entrepreneurial landmark on the business frontier. Working together, we stand with you as cocreators to help you develop your DYM or your Dimensionally You Model. To do so, we will help you conceptualize, organize, and capitalize on the framework that makes up your Dimensionally You Model. Digging deeper, we explore your PPF Footprint (pass, present, and future successes).

LEAD. Now that you have your DYM in place, we then work with you to build out your BOSS TEAM, your bold operations system of success. This is your DYM leadership structure that is uniquely designed to lead the vision into your Wealthy Space. Lead also include mindset shifts. 

ACHIEVE. Finally, we work with you to streamline the system and processes, based on your DYM or your Dimensionally You Model, so that you and your team can achieve your vison according to your WEALTHY SPACE scaling model.  

When CLA is fully implemented, you the leader would have developed a SUPER CAMPUS of empowered teams for BIG success.

  • The Lazare Street Playbook™  

  • Coaching Miraculous Intensive 

  • Dimensionally You Models™ 

  • CLA Framework of BIG Success™  

  • PPF Footprint Mapper™    

  • Superpower Gift Discovery

  • Big Rock Crusher

  • Life Purpose Discovery 

  • Wealth Creation 

  • Major Mindset Shifts 

  • Business Renewal 

  • Deep Inner Work