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Dennis Champion




Dennis Champion Strategies

Business Strategy Consulting firm serving the global community.

Melilla Concepts, LLC and the Dennis Champion Strategies Group, is a business consulting and strategic advisory firm providing trusted business services, management consulting, wise insightful counsel, business strategy, brand influence, revenue streams innovation, and business expansion through acquisitions for entrepreneurs, CEOs, spiritual leaders, and multidimensional captain of companies for BIG Success.

With a degree in Political Science and Strategic Management (magna cum laude) from American Military University, Champion is a certified business coach, management consultant, strategy advisor, and political analyst to multidimensional leaders, helping them start, grow, and expand their enterprise through consulting, coaching, and the Brand Yourself Superstar™ strategic positioning framework.

Champion is a motivational speaker, spiritual adviser, and bestselling co-author (Contributing Chapter 9: Be a Superstar) in the book "Ready, Aim, Influence: Join Forces, Expand Resources, Transform Your World" with Marshall Goldman, James Malinchak, and Forbes billionaire Carlos Slim.

SUPERPOWER: Champion superpower allows him to discover root cause, spot gaps, break barriers, and get instant breakthroughs, so you can find your path to BIG Success and finish your divine assignment. Champion greatness flows from his innate ability to go beyond the horizon, connect the dots, and bring the future (your objectives) into present reality. 

Champion Area of Practice:

SUPERSTAR DISCOVERY: Coaching entrepreneurs, CEOs and multidimensional leaders to discover, optimize, and deploy their unique and most powerful latent superpower gifts and abilities that distinguishes them as extraordinary leaders, so they can use this superpower as leverage resource to lead their organization into BIG success.  

STRATEGIC ADVISORY: Strategic consulting that focusses on strategic vision casting, implementation, brand influence, revenue streams innovation, and business expansion that leads clients to achieve their major business objectives in the global economy.

THREAT ANALYSIS: Providing risk assessments and threat analysis for market entry/exit, political stability, geopolitical positioning, competition strengths/weakness, and the viability, sustainability, and profitability of a company's strategic move in the business universe.

Plus, other areas of practice include organizational change, culture, team, management consulting, governance, conflict resolution, marketing, distribution, systems, implementation, and business expansion through acquisitions.


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