“To overcome impossible situations, you need a miracle. Knowing what to do is the secret that create Miracles; this is my signature formula for success - I Do Miracles™” – Dennis Champion


Dennis Champion is a bestselling author who is known as the miracle man who knows what to do to help his clients overcome impossible situations. He offers his signature I Do Miracles™ breakthrough business coaching and consulting programs so his clients can know what to do to remove all impossible situations in their personal lives and in their businesses.

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Melilla Concepts LLC is a miraculous business consulting, and life coaching company that implements the Dennis Champion Signature I Do Miracles™ Breakthrough Solution Experience. We solve impossible situations for our clients in the areas of personal life miraculous, and business life miraculous. Our processes, systems, leadership style, strategy, and solutions are extraordinary miraculous. We bring an awesome wonder effect to our skills and the work that we do. Our superpower is our ability to merge the super with the natural that brings supernatural results.


Our clients come to us through divine contacts, divine appointments, and divine connections. If you are wondering, what is it like to work with us? Think about flying your private jet into the most exclusive luxurious island in the world. How do you feel? What emotions come to mind when you receive the platinum quality service that is provided to you? Imagine the joy you bring to your family and business team when you announce, "The Situation has Been resolved?" What will that do to your power? This is the I Do Miracles™ signature experience. Welcome to the Miraculous.

Our services to our clients are private, decent, in order, and is strictly confidential. We do not publish testimonials and case studies, or reveal the names or nature of our clients, their challenges, or the solutions that was provided to them. We also do not publish the type of clients we serve or the industry or the locus of their influence. Our highest values are trust, love, and service, and we never compromise those values.  

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Somewhere in the world, a great philosopher once said that life is a negotiation. We believe it. Another philosopher boldly proclaim that the bible is the textbook for success that give solutions to complex human problems. We also believe that too. If our lives and businesses are not going well, we can investigate the bible and see what is going on with them and fix it. Here at Melilla Concepts LLC and the I Do Miracles™ Team, we use the bible as our textbook for success. We do not take the bible as a religious book of does and don’ts, but as a strategic resource of science, technology, behavioral change, business development, leadership, personal growth, health & wellness, physics, economics, wealth transfer, mathematics, law of life, miraculous outcome, kingdom lifestyle, and spiritual power. 


Our vision here at Melilla Concepts LLC and the I Do Miracles™ Team, is to be a strategic resource of solutions to our clients to solve their many complex problems so that they can live their lives at optimum levels without stress and without compromising their spiritual value system. We do so by aligning the natural nature of human psychology with divine substance; thus, giving rise to a unique supernatural life of limitless possibilities.


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